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About us:

AAU Trade Group Co., Ltd was founded in 2011 as new modern company which is specialized in the trading, export and processing of all types of Cambodian rice under brand “Rice Village”. Our company have own rice mill factory with modern equipment which is situated near Phnom Penh (Cambodia) and sales office in Ukraine.

The "Rice Village" provides competitive and flexible solutions to the import, export and shipping requirements of its clients on a worldwide basis. We offer you competitive FOB, CIF and C&F prices with the highest rice quality and logistical service.

"Rice Village" provides optimal solutions for all stages of business, from trading, procurement and production, to logistics and sales.

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Our rice:

Rice is the staple food of millions of people around the world. We take utmost care to select only the best quality rice and glad to offer you following varietes of rice:
  • White Rice
  • Jasmine Rice
  • Cargo

"Cambodian IR-504 Long Grain White Rice" is a kind of normal rice seed which is used and cultivated by the farmers. WHITE RICE IR is popular among Cambodian farmers because this kind of rice produces higher yields with superb grains of good quality.

These varieties are coined as "Cambodia's White Gold." Cambodian White Rice is of Thai's quality and is superior to Vietnamese in quality and taste.

"Rice Village" offers IR-504 Long Grain White Rice with broken percentage of 3%, 5%, 10%, 15%, 25% and 100% by affordable prices.

"Jasmine Rice" is a kind of fragrant rice seed which is popular worldwide due to the perfect tenderness and taste. After processing the rice has a long and glossy grain and, when steamed is soft and fluffy with a tantalizing fragrance. This kind of rice is prized throughout the world and is perfect for accompanying Cambodian dishes.

Being recognized as one of the finest fragrant rice, this variety shares aromatic scent, and perfection in taste and tenderness as Thai's Hom Malis Rice.

"Rice Village" offers Jasmine Rice with broken percentage of 3%, 5%, and 100% by affordable prices.

Per special buyers requirement "Rice Village" can offer following varietes of rice:

  • Cambodian semi-milled
  • Cambodian Fragrant
  • Cambodian Ginger(Phka Knhei)
  • Sen Pidao
  • Chul Sa
  • Phka Rumduol
  • Phka Rumdeng
  • Phka Romeat
  • Phka Chan Sen Sar
  • Riang Chey
  • CAR4
  • CAR6
  • IR Kesor
  • Krou

We have the capability to package Rice in specified quantities like 15 kg bags, 20 kg bags, etc, We also ensure proper transportation and logistics through cargo vessels and containers.
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"Rice Village" having new modern and sophisticated rice mill as per European standards, following a sophisticated approach of grading, color sorting, removing CSR (color sorter rejection). We have the capacity to mill rice in significant quantities and process order fast. Our rice factory has the intended fabrication including grading, color sortex, de-stoning, polishing (silky polish, double, single or regular polish), grain length sorting and uniformity, blending where the entire milling process is done through modern machinery and technology. Blends and recipe of milling are managed keeping in view the cooking result as required by the client based on quality preference and price affordability.

We have our own certified labaratory which make control quality per each stage of processing.

All Rice is suitable for direct human consumption, without alien taste/odour, without warehouse smell in milled rice after cooking, free from alive weevils, free from dead weevils , and free of their larvae at the time of loading. Rice is fit for immediate human consumption, and free from chemical and all other substances noxious to health. Residues of pesticides, organic admixtures, mineral impurities and heavy metal contents not to exceed the international standards. Rice is milled from non-GMO paddy. Rice is fumigating at time of stuffing the container. The quality to be the same or better than the sample sent and received by buyers.

Per buyers requirement seller can attract surveyors from CamControl and ISC.

We make following analysis of various toxins, heavy metals as required by buyers:

  • Toxines: Mycotoxins
    • Aflotoxin B1
    • T-2 toxin
  • Heavy Metals
    • Lead
    • Arsenic
    • Cadmium
    • Mercury
Also we provide all required documents for export process.

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Sales office:

75-D Kommunarov str., Berdyansk,Ukraine
Tel.: +38 06153 47488
Fax.: +38 06153 47486

Factory address:

Phum Kobchen, Khum Sambo, Srok Somrongtong,
Khet Kompongspeu, Kingdom of Cambodia
Tel.: +855 25 500 0083